February 3, 2020

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hittagong is relatively well connected with all the districts of Bangladesh. It’s highly connected with capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka.


From Dhaka Shahzalal International Airport one can catch a flight on Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG, United Airways and few more. In addition, Chittagong Shah Amanat Internation Airport provides flights to a few international destinations, for example, India, Srilanka, Singapore and few more.




The Dhaka Chittagong Expressway (N1) is now renovated to a 4-lane highway. In a few locations, the highway features 6 lanes. Other than personal transportation, a lot of buses run on these roads day and night. This highway has provided connections to important districts like Kumilla and Feni. At the same time while traversing from Dhaka to Chittagong it links important sub districts and unions like Mirsharai, Shitakunda and Bhatiary. Moreover, different other parts of the country, such as Barishal and Sylhet gets a direct connection to the Dhaka-Chittagong Expressway.

Bus companies, for example- Saudia, T R Travels, Shohag, S Alam, Hanif Enterprize and many more run on the highway everyday. From Dhaka’s Arambag, Sayedabad, Jatrabari and many other zones, one can get an Air Conditioned bus ticket to Chittagong for a range of 1050 Tk to 1250 Tk (12 USD – 15 USD) and Non Air Conditioned bus tickets for a range of 550 Tk to 750 Tk ( 6.5 USD – 9 USD).


Chittagong is highly linked with Dhaka via train. However, places like Sylhet, Chadpur, Mymensing are also connected via train to and from Chittagong. The trains feature multiple classes, starting from First Class, AC Class to Shovon chairs. The finest train in Dhaka-Chittagong network until this day is Shonarbangla Express which runs between Dhaka and Chittagong everyday with Tuesday as an off-day.


Intercity Trains from Chittagong

701Shubarna ExpressMondayChittagong07:00Dhaka12:10
703Mohanagar GodhuliChittagong15:00Dhaka21:10
719Paharika ExpressMondayChittagong09:00Sylhet17:50
721Mahanagar ExpressSundayChittagong12:30Dhaka19:00
723Udayan ExpressSaturdayChittagong21:45Sylhet06:20
729Meghna ExpressChittagong17:15Chadpur21:40
741Turna ExpressChittagong23:00Dhaka05:25
785Bijoy ExpressWednesdayChittagong07:20Mymensing15:45
787Sonar Bangla ExpressTuesdayChittagong17:00Dhaka22:10


1Dhaka MailChittagong22:30Dhaka06:55
3Karnafuli ExpressChittagong10:00Dhaka19:45
13Jalalabad ExpressChittagong19:30Sylhet11:00
29Shagorika ExpressChittagong07:30Chandpur13:00
37Mymensing ExpressChittagong1530Bangabandhu Bridge(East)09:20
67Chattala ExpressTuesdayChittagong08:15Dhaka15:45
79Laksham CommuterFridayChittagong17:30Comilla21:05
Najirhat Commuter 1FridayChittagong06:30Najirhat08:10
Najirhat Commuter 3FridayChittagong11:30Najirhat13:10
Bishyobiddaloy Commuter 1Chittagong08:30Chittagong University09:40
Bishyobiddaloy Commuter 3Chittagong13:10Chittagong University14:20

Dhaka to Chittagong Train

To know about Dhaka to Chittagong or Bangladesh Rail Communication timetable click this link.

You can also create an account in Bangladesh Railway E-ticketing service website and book tickets with Local Bank Accounts (DBBL, Brack), Bkash or International Visa, Master or Amex Card.

Furthermore, a mobile app named “Rail Sheba” is also available for Android and IOS devices to make it easier.


Dhaka-Chittagong Bus services:

  • Saudia Paribahan NON Air-conditioned (Sayedabad) 01919654-856/857, Air-conditioned (Arambag/Panthapath) 01919654-926/932/933 (Dampara Chittagong) 01919654821
  • Sohag Paribahan, Air-conditioned & Non-airconditioned (Kamlapur) 02-8124964,01740-543136 01926-696262 (AK Khan Gate) 01926-699347
  • Green Line Air Conditioned 02-9342580, 02-9339623(Rajarbag) 02-7192301, 01730-060009 (Arambag) 031-751161, 01730-060021 (A K Khan Chittagong)
  • Star Line Services, NON Air Conditioned (Sayedabad) 01973259-653/654
  • Desh Travels- 01762-684430, 01709-989436 (Arambag) 01762-620934 (A K Khan)
  • Baghdad Express Air-conditioned (Arambagh) 01730046-040/050
  • Hanif Enterprize NON Air-conditioned (Sayedabad) 01713402-671/673/684 Air Conditioned (Arambagh) 01713402-671/631
  • Saint Martin Paribahan – 01762691-341/339 (Arambag) 01762691-345/360 (Chittagong)
  • Shanti Paribahan- 01843-184124, 01684-301247, 01855-966821( Chandra Dhaka) 01730-376358 (Komlapur Dhaka) 01855-966807 (Chittagong Oxygen)
  • Eagle Paribahan Non Airconditioned 01793-328222(Motijheel), 01793-328045(Sayedabad), 01974-236240, 01793-327943(Chittagong)
  • Green Line Paribahan Head Office (Rajarbag) 02-8315380
  • Unique Service, Non-Airconditioned Sayedabad 01196206052
  • S. Alam. NON Airconditioned Kamlapur 01917720395, 02-6315087
  • Syamoli Poribahan Air Condioned and Non Airconditioned 02-9003331, 02-8034275, 02-8360241(Sayedabad) 031-43150005 (AK Khan)
  • Silk Line, Air Conditioned (Uttara- Night coach) (Arambagh- Day coach) +88 01844-191800, +88 01844-191801, +88 01844-191802, (Dampara) +88 01844-191805, +88 01844-191806

Khulna- Chittagong Bus Services

  • Saudia Coach Service – 01919654-825/822/819(Chittagong) 01919654883 (Khulna)
  • Eagle Paribahan – 01974-236240, 01793-327943(Chittagong) 041-725770, 041-724760 (Khulna)
  • Unique Service- 031-2770983, 01963-622255 (A K Khan), 01713-901368(Khulna)
  • Sohag Poribahan – (KDA Khulna) 041-725397, 01926-699344 (AK Khan Gate) 01926-699347

Sylhet- Chittagong Bus Services

  • Saudia Coach Service – 01919654-825/822/819(Olongkar Chittagong) 01919-654942(Sobhani Gate) 01922-595982(Mazar Gate)
  • Green Line Air Conditioned Chittagong A K Khan Road 031-751161, 01730-060021, Sylhet Mazar Gate 01730060-036/030
  • London Express – 01701220056 (Sylhet Subhani Gate) , 01701220045 (Chittagong A K Khan)

Chittagong- Cox’s Bazar Bus Services

  • Saudia Coach Service – 01919654-825/822/819(Chittagong) 01919654918 (Kolatoli)
  • Desh Travels (AK Khan) 01762-620934, (Kolatoli) 01768-620936
  • Star Line (A K Khan) 01973259635 (Kolatoli) 01973259673
  • Sohag Poribahan (AK Khan Gate) 01926-699347. Kolatoli, Phone: 01926-699354
  • Silk Line – (Dampara) +88 01844-191805, +88 01844-191806, +88 01844-191807, (Kolatoli) +88 01844-191810, +88 01844-191811।
  • Saint Martin Paribahan – 01762691-345/360 (Chittagong) 01762-691348, 01762-691347 (Cox’s Bazar)

Rangamati-Chittagong Bus Services

  • S Alam Service 031611037 (Cinema place Chittagong) 035161240 (Rangamati)
  • BRTC 031612177, 01556749475, 01195050848
  • Saint Martin Paribahan – 01762691-345/360 (Chittagong) 01762-691354 (Rangamati)

In addition to these the Paharika service can be found from Muradpur and Oxygen Circle of Chittagong. BRTC is offering Air conditioned buses in this route and can be taken from Battali Railway station BRTC counter of Chittagong.

Bandarban-Chittagong Bus Services

  • Purobi Service 0361-62439 (Bahddarhat Chittagong)
  • Purbani Service 0361-62508 (Bahddarhat Chittagong)
  • Saint Martin Paribahan – 01762691-345/360 (Chittagong) 01762-691356 (Bandarban)
  • Desh Travels- 01762-620934 (A K Khan) 01704-539043, 01709-989438 (Bandarban)

Purobi and Purbani are 2 regular bus services which leaves Chittagong and Bandarban everyday.

Khagrachari Chittagong Bus Services

  • Shanti Paribahan 01855-966805, 0371-61807 (Khagrachari & Chittagong Oxygen circle)
  • BRTC 01557-309407(Khagrachari) 01916-854609 (Oxygen Chittagong)
  • Soudia Coach Service – 01919654-819/822/825 (Chittagong) 01919-654882 (Khagrachari)
  • Saint Martin Paribahan – 01762691-345/360 (Chittagong) 01762691-358/381(Khagrachari)

Shanti Paribahan and BRTC are regular and prominent bus services in this route. In addition to this some other local buses can be found from Oxygen circle of Chittagong.

Barisal-Chittagong Bus Service

  • Soudia Coach Service– 01919654-819/822/825 (Chittagong) 01919-654873 (Barisal)
  • Eagle Paribahan – 01974-236240, 01793-327943(Chittagong) 0431-62975, 01712-562762 (Barisal)

India(Kolkata)-Chittagong Bus Service

  • Desh Travels –01762-620934 (A K Khan) 0091-9073400184, 0091-9073400185 (Kolkata)
  • Green Line – 031-751161, 01730-060021 (A K Khan Chittagong) 01970-060040, 0421-75781 (Benapol Border)


Chittagong city is home to different kinds of hotels, starting from 1 star to 5 star categories are available here. However other than Chittagong city, it’s nearly impossible to find a 3-5 star accommodation in other parts of Chittagong district.

5 Star

  • Peninsula Hotel , Nizam Road – 01755554555
  • Radisson Blu Bay View, Khaled road, Lalkhan Bazar– 031619800

৪ তারকা

  • • Agrabad Hotel, Sabdar Ali Road- 031713311
  • Hotel Tower Inn, Jubilee Road, 01733393211

৩ তারকা

  • Ambassador Residency, Nizam Road- 01730707422
  • Avenue Hotel & Suites, Ispahani Mor – 031627987
  • Favour Inn International Hotel, Station Road – 01811446506
  • Golden Inn Chattagram Ltd, Station Road – 01711819025
  • Orchid Business Hotel, Sheikh Muzib Road – 01891648501
  • Saint Martin Ltd Hotel , Sheikh Muzib Road – 031712109

Some Other Hotels-

  • Parjatan Hotel Saikot, 031611087
  • Hotel Paramount, Station Road 0312856771, 01713248754
  • Hotel Asian SR, Station Road- 01711889555
  • Hotel Safina, Enayet Bazar- 0310614004
  • Hotel Naba Inn – 01755564382
  • Hotel Landmark- 01820181995, 01731886997

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